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When we manage your website for you, you can feel confident that your website is there online doing just what you need it to do. You can also be assured that any changes, additions, etc., that you need to have made to your site will be done quickly, carefully, correctly, and professionally. We have been working on the web since 1996, and in that time we have developed a reputation for professionalism and diligence, to which our customers will attest. We will sweat the details of maintaining your website, so you don't have to. Note: You do not need to have your website designed by us or hosted by us in order for us to manage it for you. Here is a partial list of the website management services that we can provide for you:

  • Monitoring the status of domain names and keeping them renewed and updated as needed.

  • Identifying and/or correcting problems that might occur with website hosting services, shopping cart services, databases, or email services, when we are not the provider of those services (if we are provider, support for website hosting, shopping cart, database, and email service related problems is considered part of the service contract you have with us and so is provided free of charge).

  • Revisions to existing website content, including price changes, adding new products, removing products, adding new content (text and graphics), removing existing content (text and graphics), editing content, spell-checking content, correcting layout problems, etc. This would also include any regular content updates, e.g., changing copyright dates, etc.

  • Composing original text content to your specifications and adding it to your site, including any content relevant articles that you might want to add for search engine optimization purposes.

  • Preparing graphics to your specifications and adding them to your site, e.g., headers, buttons, menus, banners, animated banners (.gif only), advertisements, (does not include Flash animations).

  • Identifying and correcting operational problems with a website, e.g., pages not displaying correctly, malfunctioning forms, broken page links, etc.

  • Setting up and verifying the functionality of advertising or promotional tools, such as real time stats, tracking codes, security certificates, etc.

  • Setting up, monitoring and/or managing promotional programs such as banner ad campaigns, bulk-emailing, or affiliate programs. (For setup, monitoring, and management of Pay-Per-Click advertising programs, click here).

Note: Unless you have specifically requested certain types of "regular" maintenance tasks, we do not take any action with regard to your website without an explicit request from you in writing. Also, as website managers, we assume no responsibility for deciding what should and should not be included on your website. We certainly can advise you on such matters, if you request it, but the final decision is yours.

Our definition of website management does not include designing and/or building new websites, providing or supporting website hosting services, providing or supporting shopping cart services, providing or supporting email services, optimizing your website for submission to search engines, submitting your site to search engines, creating (programming) custom built website tools or applications, flash animations, or promotional services, etc. These types of services must be contracted for and paid for separately.

If you choose to contract with us for website management services, please read (and print out) these guidelines for how you can best make use of our services.


As of October 1, 2007, we charge $30.00 US per hour for all website management services.

If you anticipate that you will be requesting regular management services from us, then you can either establish a debit account with us (pay us for a set number of hours in advance), or provide us with valid and current credit card information with authorization to bill your card as needed for services provided. However, we can also bill you via PayPal or by credit card for services after they have been completed, if the amount to be billed is under $60.00.

Prompt payment is always appreciated and we reserve the right to require payment for services already performed before we can proceed with the completion of other work you request. We do not accept payment for website management services my check or money order.

If you have questions, or are ready to order, contact our sales staff at 877-689-8600